Monday, January 30, 2012

Class Goes On.

     Last week I reflected on the pros and cons of hybrid English. I believe now that I'm in my group that group work will be fun. I now get to work with two awesome classmates, and I very much look forward to our work together. I like how Mrs. Sasser is taking time in class and discussing the work that we have done. She is making the class so much easier for myself and hopefully my classmates. My writing style is starting to develop. I have became more comfortable with my writing. When we first started I had a fear of my work being negatively judged. Now that I have settled down I don't feel judged. I like reading other classmates' blogs and seeing what they're going through. It gives me a sense of stability in my work.

     Like I said in my last blog, accomplishments would revel their selves as the course continued. I have now found one. Teaching our fellow peers and anyone else on our course through Wiki. The group project we're in now was a magnificent idea and teaching tool. I can not wait to finish our work so that future students can learn our course. Indeed a accomplishment when our class publishes our page.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Challenges in class

     What are the challenges in hybrid English? I believe that the main challenge for most people is the technology amplitude required for the course. Not that it requires a high amplitude, it's that it takes a basic knowledge or you will be behind. Some people have a problem on the blogging aspect of the class. Blogging is supposed to be fun and entertaining. It is not supposed to be a chore or a hassle. Group work concerns me on an individual aspect. I love to push people and try to bring out the better in them. I just don't know anyone that well yet to bring out the leader in me. I love group challenges, and love the rewards even more. 

     I believe that this course's accomplishments ooutweigh the challenges. One accomplishment is that I am developing my own writing style. Another is that I am enjoying writing again thanks to blogging. I believe that the hybrid course is the best style of course available at the university. Other accomplishments will show as the course develops. I am excited for this year, and to see what other tools I can place in my toolbox.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Writing in my life.

     Where to begin with writing? In my life it has been an outlet to express myself. I believe it is important for one's self to express their feelings. Writing gives you a private outlet to express those feelings. Writing in my life has given me the chance to get my point on a subject across. I enjoyed writing as a youth. High school writing frustrated me mainly because of MLA format was a change from what I was accustomed to. High school seemed to drain the life out of my papers. I found that blogging and internet posting was a way that I could keep my creativity. In my opinion, writing is a way that normal people can become extraordinary. Think about writers like John Grisham or Stephen King. Two totally different styles, yet they can lose you in a book. Writing makes me feel like I'm one of the elite authors when I'm writing. Now that I'm in college I have a new found respect for writing again. I enjoy it more now than ever. I also think that writing is a way to express your ideas and feelings about a mainstream subject. The main thing I have wrote about the past couple years has been our economy. 

     Personal writing is the best form of writing to me. I enjoy getting lost in my own work. I love the mindset I get in when I write. It's like nothing matters when I'm writing. Writing gives me clarity. It helps me vent when I'm upset. I can be transparent when I write. I don't have to put up a shield or defend my statements to someone who doesn't agree. I can just put my ideas out there and that's all. I enjoy reading other people's work. It helps me see there true self. Writing has been one of most useful tools in my life. Hopefully I can improve in my writing in college. That's my goal for this year.