Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Writer's Block

Writer's block is an occurring problem in writers. I, personally, have Writer's block once a week. I hate when I'm set on a subject and can not gather materials on my work. Now I am researching materials on writing. I am improving on gathering materials, but not quite great at it. I do not enjoy sitting in my room with a blank work slate. I find myself gathering ideas from all kinds of media. My favorite place to get opinionated work material is a tie between Twitter and Facebook. Twitter offers political and worldly biased material if you follow the right people. Facebook offers any kind of material imaginable. It's usually on whatever your friends rant on or are debating. Another media I can gather from is newspapers like the Anniston Star or the New York Times. All in all writers will suffer from time to time. All they really need to do is get on the internet and do a little research. You never know what you'll find. I know that it has helped me out a lot. I hope that this article can help anyone that is struggling with their work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Wikipedia Chronicles

Writing in a digital medium is becoming more second nature to me. I am having such a great time using Wikipedia and other sites to publish my work. My table that I finished for our Wikipedia project is one of my best works this semester. The time that I put into archiving his work is why I thought it was my best work to date. Wikipedia also gives me a success like feeling when I successfully edit a page. It's like you have made a wide viewed page better. I think of it as a way to educate all who view. I know that I a contributing to the world. My other reason why I love digital writing is because of my blog. My blog gives me a chance to get away from the material world. I can waste away for hours just writing on my blog if I wanted to. I can also use a false name. False names are a great way to put out your personal feelings without anyone knowing who you are. Blogging in general gives you power to use your first amendment so get out and use yours!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Going For Gold

     The class wiki is a chance for all the students. It's a chance to show everyone in the class what you can do. I truly think our class will excell at this task. My fellow classmates are a very bright bunch. I am very intrigued by the portion I am doing. My task is to archive all of his works into a digital medium. I am set that I will do a table archiving by genre and year. I hope that my fellow peers will be able to glance on my work and find exactly what they need. I know that I cannot control others writing, but I have complete faith that our class will excell. My title reflects it all "going for gold". I want our article to be golden. I want the featured article status. That would be a great achievement.      Another topic that I want to address this week is our work individually. It seems like all of our work is evolving I enjoy reading other peers triumphs and toils.[a] I feel like my individual work is evolving. I am more comfortable with my work. I have no reason to worry myself on writing. It's like I just sit back and watch my brain work. I know that I can still improve. I also know that I will improve.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Class Picks Up.

     Now that we have been assigned a group project, I am ready to excel. I feel like our class group can meet our goal, and make our article meet the good article standard. It seems like, to me anyways, that our group wants to succeed in this Wiki page. I want our group to meet the standards not just for us, but for all of Wiki. I know that we can do achieve our goals, and make the Wiki community proud. I also want to meet Mrs. Sasser's standards. I know that if we make the good article standards that we will show that we can meet her standards.

      I really feel like, personally, that we have the individual writing talents to succeed. Mrs. Sasser has given us enough practice to make this article great! Also I feel like we can better our page so that we can be proud of page. Ashley Mann did an excellent job by herself. She really has the anchor of our group page. I feel like we don't have to tune up her page at all. Also the article development page was well done. Our fair use page was behind because I told them the wrong interpretation of the directions. I take the blame for that one. I know I will be a better writer and listener. I know I will be better.