Thursday, January 19, 2012

Writing in my life.

     Where to begin with writing? In my life it has been an outlet to express myself. I believe it is important for one's self to express their feelings. Writing gives you a private outlet to express those feelings. Writing in my life has given me the chance to get my point on a subject across. I enjoyed writing as a youth. High school writing frustrated me mainly because of MLA format was a change from what I was accustomed to. High school seemed to drain the life out of my papers. I found that blogging and internet posting was a way that I could keep my creativity. In my opinion, writing is a way that normal people can become extraordinary. Think about writers like John Grisham or Stephen King. Two totally different styles, yet they can lose you in a book. Writing makes me feel like I'm one of the elite authors when I'm writing. Now that I'm in college I have a new found respect for writing again. I enjoy it more now than ever. I also think that writing is a way to express your ideas and feelings about a mainstream subject. The main thing I have wrote about the past couple years has been our economy. 

     Personal writing is the best form of writing to me. I enjoy getting lost in my own work. I love the mindset I get in when I write. It's like nothing matters when I'm writing. Writing gives me clarity. It helps me vent when I'm upset. I can be transparent when I write. I don't have to put up a shield or defend my statements to someone who doesn't agree. I can just put my ideas out there and that's all. I enjoy reading other people's work. It helps me see there true self. Writing has been one of most useful tools in my life. Hopefully I can improve in my writing in college. That's my goal for this year.

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  1. I agree, writing is a lovely way to express yourself, its a good outlet for emotions, and if you don't want anyone to read it, hey, no one has to! I have only found writing to be somewhat useful when expressing myself. I am photographer, and thats how I express myself. Photography, painting, art, anything dealing with creativity. Creativity is such a key in our daily lives. Its hard to imagine one not expressing themselves.