Thursday, March 15, 2012


      Politics are a basic necessity to run a country. Without politics you would at its base have an anti-democratic dictatorship. From town to world level politic campaigns are happening everyday. Politics help balance the structure of government. Politics also involves a certain type of person. Politics are a major part of the today's government.

      Without politics our government would be chaos without it's structure. Without our rules in place our government would more than likely have people serving our country on Capital Hill doing the same crap that did not get them re-elected. Our terms for service would be out the window. Just think Bill Clinton might still be president with Al Gore down his back. Even after the global warming scandal Gore would probably still be taking tax payer money, thus causing an even greater hole for us to dig out of. Just be glad that USA has a base structure and we are not like a third world country.

      The type of person politics involve is a rare one. Even though they show compassion to certain subjects they still have to be made of stone. There will always be an important matter that will not be on their agenda. Your average politician has probably been presented with the KONY 2012 movement last year or the year before. I know that I saw the Invisible Children before it became an internet phenomenon. The UN and other countries could have resolved this matter way before it became huge. The thing that comes back to me is the way that other politicans attack each other. Commercials I think are a very tasteless way of trying to win a position. They attack their opponent because they are republican and voted the same as Obama. I mean come on politicians consult the people that they are voting for before they vote it. People can just blur the truth from peoples eyes.

      After all politicians are people and people deserve respect. They are the same as you and me except with the power of government. As long as there is something to be governed there will be politics. Like or dislike they are part of being an American. One of our many freedoms that our great country gives us. So get out there and get involved with the lie fest which is politics!

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