Tuesday, April 17, 2012


     This week I decided to chipmunk Adele. I don't necessarily listen to her music but hey she won a lot of Grammy's this year so I used her voice. She has a very unique voice, and it is hard to capture her pitch and raise the level. I used my iPad app DJay to make this remake of "Set Fire to the Rain." I also at the time of the make using my speakers not my laptop so when I loaded the song to SoundCloud it peaked. What I mean by peaked is that the sound bogs and makes a hissing sound. I am sorry Adele- Set Fire tothe Rain (Dance Mix)but I will but a remastered version up soon. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening! 


  1. I think what you did was very creative and sounds hard I would like to see how you did that.

  2. I agree this process seems to be extremely difficult. But great job, I have never heard Adele chipmunked before.

  3. I used to do these. I don't care for Adele but i think it's funny when you chipmunk a song. I used to do it to Atreyu and A7X.