Monday, April 23, 2012

Final Assignment

     I have evolved a great deal in fourteen weeks. Whether it is my overall length of my writing, or the content that I put into my writings I have improved. This class has changed my outlook and my landscape of writing completely. I am not trying to write for a passing grade, like I did in high school. I am writing for myself now and I enjoy the essence of writing. I know that when I graduate and I reflect on my classes that this class was my cornerstone for all of my work. I say that because I will use this knowledge in not only English classes but in other classes as well.

     The Everywhereist was my best piece of writing in the class. I feel like that I have accomplished most of the goals that I stated in my final assessment. I brainstormed for this assignment. Not only in my ideas for The Everywhereist but for the assignment its self. I made several rough drafts for this paper. I spent time playing around with different ways to word my post because I wanted it to be perfect. I revised my writing to the best of my ability in this post because like I said I wanted it to be perfect. This is something that I am improving on the more that I write. Revision is something that I needed to improve in, and I believe that I am improving. I tried to integrate and document the author's ideas into my post. I also tried to blend both of our ideas together.

     I believe that I learned to consider my role as a writer in not just one post. At the beginning of the course I was writing as a student. Now I am writing to be more of a contributor to the writing world.  My best post to show how I've changed is Headaches. In this post I talk about the headache of having to choose the perfect blog for my project. I was writing to everyone that wanted to know about the top blogs not just to my class. I still had areas to improve on in this post, but for the most part I liked it.

     My Greatest Hits CD is what I used my thesis technique. I researched all my material and compiled it together. It was a little difficult to go through all the years the band that I did to find all the information. I supported my thesis with facts and could use sources too support my facts. In The Everywhereist I also used a thesis technique to compile facts and listed my sources to accredit my facts. I also have used the thesis technique on other posts but not to the degree I did on these two posts.

     I plan to improve on my typos and  fix my proofreading errors. I have greatly improved on many of the skills required to proofread I'm just not one-hundred percent yet. I know that I will be very soon because this class has taught me so many different ways to proofread. This class has also given me resources to improve my writing. Without these resources I would not have improved as much as I have.

     To conclude, I have had a wonderful experience in this class and look towards the future. This class was an amazing way to improve my ability as a writer. I have improved my writing techniques ten-fold all because of this single class. I appreciate how this class allowed us to progress at our own pace. As this class comes to end I know that I have evolved as a writer.

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