Monday, January 30, 2012

Class Goes On.

     Last week I reflected on the pros and cons of hybrid English. I believe now that I'm in my group that group work will be fun. I now get to work with two awesome classmates, and I very much look forward to our work together. I like how Mrs. Sasser is taking time in class and discussing the work that we have done. She is making the class so much easier for myself and hopefully my classmates. My writing style is starting to develop. I have became more comfortable with my writing. When we first started I had a fear of my work being negatively judged. Now that I have settled down I don't feel judged. I like reading other classmates' blogs and seeing what they're going through. It gives me a sense of stability in my work.

     Like I said in my last blog, accomplishments would revel their selves as the course continued. I have now found one. Teaching our fellow peers and anyone else on our course through Wiki. The group project we're in now was a magnificent idea and teaching tool. I can not wait to finish our work so that future students can learn our course. Indeed a accomplishment when our class publishes our page.


  1. I am happy to be working with you. If we can keep our focus off of the hawk and the pigeon that are up on the 12th floor I know this will be a good group. I don't think this class was meant for your work being judged, but to take a deeper look into your writing. To have a deeper understanding into why people write. Atleast thats what I have taken from this class so far.

  2. Simone, I could not have summed up my goal for this course better-not to have your writing judged but to get a better understanding of why and how we write and what writing means to you-that's it exactly! I wish that more students could see the advantages of that kind of writing and classroom (or online, in this case) interaction-not based on grades and me telling you how you should have written something or the only "right" way to write-that kind of writing instruction never taught me anything about writing. What taught me the most about writing was writing and making mistakes in my writing.