Monday, February 6, 2012

Class Picks Up.

     Now that we have been assigned a group project, I am ready to excel. I feel like our class group can meet our goal, and make our article meet the good article standard. It seems like, to me anyways, that our group wants to succeed in this Wiki page. I want our group to meet the standards not just for us, but for all of Wiki. I know that we can do achieve our goals, and make the Wiki community proud. I also want to meet Mrs. Sasser's standards. I know that if we make the good article standards that we will show that we can meet her standards.

      I really feel like, personally, that we have the individual writing talents to succeed. Mrs. Sasser has given us enough practice to make this article great! Also I feel like we can better our page so that we can be proud of page. Ashley Mann did an excellent job by herself. She really has the anchor of our group page. I feel like we don't have to tune up her page at all. Also the article development page was well done. Our fair use page was behind because I told them the wrong interpretation of the directions. I take the blame for that one. I know I will be a better writer and listener. I know I will be better.


  1. That is positive thinking when a person believes that the article will be living to the standards of Wikipedia and our teacher. Yeah you messed up on that fair use article,but at least you took the responsibility of your mistake. Hopefully,that fair use article will be better than ever with the help of your group;everyone is bring his/her skills to the table.That is my 2 cents.

  2. I hope our article can meet the good article standard also. I know it can if we all just work together & work really hard. I really wanna make Mrs. Sasser proud too. You don't have to take the blame for our fair use page because we still didn't understand the project at that point.