Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Going For Gold

     The class wiki is a chance for all the students. It's a chance to show everyone in the class what you can do. I truly think our class will excell at this task. My fellow classmates are a very bright bunch. I am very intrigued by the portion I am doing. My task is to archive all of his works into a digital medium. I am set that I will do a table archiving by genre and year. I hope that my fellow peers will be able to glance on my work and find exactly what they need. I know that I cannot control others writing, but I have complete faith that our class will excell. My title reflects it all "going for gold". I want our article to be golden. I want the featured article status. That would be a great achievement.      Another topic that I want to address this week is our work individually. It seems like all of our work is evolving I enjoy reading other peers triumphs and toils.[a] I feel like my individual work is evolving. I am more comfortable with my work. I have no reason to worry myself on writing. It's like I just sit back and watch my brain work. I know that I can still improve. I also know that I will improve.

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  1. I think that we will do an excellent job with the class wiki. The class seems very eager to do this task. I think if we all put our heads together and work at it we will have something presentable by the time our assignment is done.