Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Wikipedia Chronicles

Writing in a digital medium is becoming more second nature to me. I am having such a great time using Wikipedia and other sites to publish my work. My table that I finished for our Wikipedia project is one of my best works this semester. The time that I put into archiving his work is why I thought it was my best work to date. Wikipedia also gives me a success like feeling when I successfully edit a page. It's like you have made a wide viewed page better. I think of it as a way to educate all who view. I know that I a contributing to the world. My other reason why I love digital writing is because of my blog. My blog gives me a chance to get away from the material world. I can waste away for hours just writing on my blog if I wanted to. I can also use a false name. False names are a great way to put out your personal feelings without anyone knowing who you are. Blogging in general gives you power to use your first amendment so get out and use yours!


  1. I LOVE BLOGGING. It gives you an escape for a little while. Taking you to this place where you can post just about anything you want. But blogs just aren't for writing. They can be used for photography, or keeping up with a family. Anything basically.

  2. I really didn't know what blogging was before I took this class. Now that I know what it is, I love it! I like how you can just express your feelings about certain things.